Meet your inner two year old!

Another new item on this blog! (I will post a comprehensive list of all the blog topics soon!)

My inner two year old is at the core of everything I do. I take a playful approach on everything and mostly on my creativity. Ever since I connected with my inner two year old, I transformed myself.

For years I was afraid to publish or submit any of my writing or share any of my artwork. Now I do it fearlessly.

Here is a very brief instruction (from my soon to arrive free e-book Playful Mind maps) on how you can connect with your inner two year old. In my upcoming book Playful Creativity there is a whole chapter dedicated to connecting with her.

(Note: in the text below I will use the female form. I am a woman after all. Just read “he” if you are male.)

Sit down in a nice spot, and close your eyes for a moment. Visualize yourself as a two year old. See the little one standing there.

• What does she wear?

• What is her character?

• What does she love?

• What makes her giggle?

• What does she want to explore?

Take your time to visualize her, and write down anything that comes up. Nothing is too silly or strange. Your inner two year old is there to teach you what she wants you to learn about her, and she is there to teach you whatever she can to help you engage her strengths. She’s smart, and she knows what you need.

Reconnecting with this amazing part of yourself can truly ignite a spark in you. She is there to help you reignite your creativity and your joy. Like any two year old, she is always happy to get distracted with shiny toys and grabs every opportunity for a good giggle.

Now you have connected with her, look at an aspect of your life you feel stuck at, or at some writing that just doesn’t want to work.

Look at it through her eyes.How can you change it?

Write a silly story where your inner two year old interacts with one of your characters.

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