My blogging plans for November

So, I might be a madwoman, or I might just be sensible in light of how I tend to write. I am a woman with a plan though! I am going to write/edit one blog post a day for the month of November, alongside writing on my novel.
The reason is twofold.
Reason number one: when I am stuck with my fiction writing, the thing that gets me out of it is writing a blog post or a list of ideas for some.
Reason number two: I have a whole backlog of blog posts that live in a folder on my Dropbox. I want to finish those and post them on my blog.
That also, I hope, will keep me from wanting to edit my novel writing constantly. If I have an editing itch to scratch, I can edit a blog post and schedule it for the month. I count that as a definite bonus 🙂
It also helps that I have really missed the frantic energy of daily blogging during A to Z.
My blog posts will be all over the place, from poetry to art to creative inspiration to short stories and everything in between that my fingers want to bring into the world.
Can’t wait!

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