My blogging schedule and other fun things :)

You may have noticed that I played around with my blogging schedule these past weeks. I have added a lot of new items! Here is a comprehensive list 🙂

Monday – Play with your writing

Moved from Thursday because I love to start off my week with playing with words. Inspiring posts for playful writers.

Tuesday – Mostly Non Weekly Writing update/blog tour or Blogfest posts

Here I will post entries for blogfests if possible or host blog tours or talk about my writing/share snippets from upcoming/published work.

Wednesday – Ponderific Wednesday

Where I get out my felt pens and muse inspiration 🙂

Thursday – Non Weekly whateverIwanttowrite or creativity boost

A day where I may or may not post. Nobody knows! (those who watch QI know what voice goes through my head when I write that line). Might also post random creativity boosts, inspirations to create with your inner two year old

Friday – #fridayflash

My weekly mostly fantasy or science fiction new flash story. Always written on the day itself, as a challenge to my muse :

Saturday – Saturday Reflection

A mixture of art and poetry, sometimes sad, sometimes silly, sometimes happy, always me.

Sunday – Sylly Sunday

Where my inner two year old and I go completely bonkers, or sometimes just a little bit wacky. Always Sylly.

Other changes

Have added my oracle cards to the sidebar.

Created a whole new header that I really love to look at.

Am cooking up some fun blogfests 🙂

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