my crazy madness

I’ve just realised that when I blog I only share a couple of aspects of me. The writer, the poet, the woman, hardly ever the crazy madness that is such a big part of the child in me. Today I feel pushed to let out some of the parts of me that long to be out 🙂

I am the eccentric that would love to spend her days walking through the world only armed with her eyes, a notebook and a pen, maybe two pens in case the first breaks down. With these tools I write poetry that comes straight from the wildness of my soul.

I am a child of nature, longing to live among animals and trees and wild nature. I am so ready for that part of my life to start.

Sometimes I am so free and childlike, completely myself, so wise and yet so playful. This is who I was born to be, this is who I want to be every day of the rest of my life. The creative soul longs to radiate her light around the world, to teach the simple lessons that transform life.

I love to move with my emotions, if I feel like dancing, I dance, if I feel like laughing, I laugh. If I feel like embracing, I embrace. If I stay in touch with what I feel, I am complete.

I love to create art just for the sake of tossing paints around on canvas, whether it is digital or real. I sit with a big grin on my face and make a complete mess of things.

I love to run through the forest, kicking up leaves, dancing like mad as autumn takes hold of the land.

I love to be my true self, I no longer am ashamed whenever people say: behave like an adult. I am never going to be one.


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