My healing rules

I have to take meds on a daily basis. I am used to taking them, and it’s not much of a burden. They help me to live a fairly normal life where I can completely forget I have asthma.

Sometimes, though, my asthma doesn’t want to be controlled, no matter how well I treat myself. It’s the only reason I go to the doctor’s office these days. They usually give me prednisone. It works miracles, after a couple of days, I am back to my old self. But it is nasty stuff!

The first time I had to take it, it sucked. I remember that I sat crying out the fatigue in my living room at 2 am while watching a rerun of one of my TV series.

This time, I am going to do things differently. I am going to surrender into the ride. I know it is going to make my lungs better, so I am surrendering to the side effects.

To get myself through rides like this, I have devised these five rules. They go for more than just the prednisone though, they are perfect for the flu too 🙂 Well, maybe not rule 4 😀

Rule 1 – I take sleep whenever I can get it. The reason I was crying the first time I took them was stressing out over an utter lack of sleep, only allowing sleep during the night.
Rule 2 – I am going to use this funky ride to write and create art! And to relax with a good book. Or a boring book, it might get me back to zzzzzzzzzzzz
Rule 3 – I have the right to do whatever I want to do, even if it is watching episodes of Friends all day. So there!
Rule 4 – I am allowed to snack, I know prednisone can increase hunger pangs tenfold. I have some low-fat snacks in the house but will place the healthy snacks in perfect view, so I might choose them first.
Rule 5 – I am allowed to fool around on Facebook for as long as I want, no: half an hour tops.

This, to me, is a perfect way to deal with meds, and I know that once my lungs are all better, they will house in a body that is feeling much better than the first time I took the meds to heal them.

And then I hope it will be easy to forget rule 4 and go back to my usual healthy plant-based diet 🙂

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