Notes from the road

I have been away from my home and my trusty laptop ever since Friday morning. I haven’t posted anything on the blog, even though I really intended to.

Sometimes it takes a while for words to form a coherent post. Both posts for this weekend worked that way. They will appear here soon enough.

I am now in a high-speed train that moves slowly. I feel like that right now. I have moved so fast these past weeks that moving slow feels like a blessing. I would have considered the slow times as the time to think about the next steps (and usually overthink so much that I am stressed more from downtime than from the fast lane days). Now I use the slow times to download.

Downloads are like new assignments It means I consciously stop thoughts from slipping through, until some big idea bursts in my mind, usually very detailed too. It is how I started to write my little book with a big punch: Ganesha’s Blessings. The core idea just plopped in my mind and before I knew it, the first chapter was done. The book now is with some good friends who function as beta readers.

Moments like this remind me of stopping myself from those full speed ahead moments because receiving downloads is tremendous fun.

You could call those downloads whispers from the muse or sudden inspiration to me they are all the same.

I leave you with a picture I took this weekend during a lovely hike through some hills near my mom’s home. Walks like that leave me quiet enough inside to let inspiration through.

This time the inspiration was for this post 🙂

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