On J.M.W. Turner

Earlier this week I wrote about Vincent van Gogh, and today it’s the turn of another favourite artist of mine, J.M.W. Turner.

I first learned of his art in a postcard rack in London. My eye caught the image of the Fighting Temeraire and I fell in love instantly. I came home with a stack of postcards of his art that year.

Years later, my husband took me to the Tate to see the wing dedicated to his art, and I got to see it face to face, see the brush strokes, the brilliant colour play in person. I was completely taken by it.

His art makes me feel the chaos and the amazing colours of nature and life. It makes me fall silent in a way that I don’t experience very often.

I love the more abstract of his works the most, there are so many pieces that I could have chosen, this is just one of the many of his works that I absolutely love.

In a way, Turner is an artist for introverts like me, it shows me the rich inner world that I have. I love to feel at home in his paintings like no other artist can.

I remember standing in front of the Fighting Temeraire for the first time, and standing nailed to the ground. I was so moved that tears ran down my cheeks.

Around me people rushed, my mom said she wanted to leave because she hated the art in that wing, and I just stood there in silence and lived the amazing colours that are in the painting, and felt the complete drama within the art within every bone of my body.

I am absolutely in love with the fact that he was a “common” man, a brusque one at best. I love the stories about him, and I absolutely adored the movie that was made about his life.

As I am finishing this article I realize that writing about him means I go into an almost poetic way of writing. It fits, as his art is poetry in paint.

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