On meaning and writing

The other day I posted a poem that really meant something to me, it really hit a nerve when I wrote it, and when I posted it, I let go and moved on to something new.

When I came back to look at Instagram, I saw only a few likes for the poem and I became really insecure. I took a deep breath and let go, knowing that giving ego a hold over me for too long would stop me writing a poem 🙂

Then, the next day, I posted a little poem that just dropped in my head, ready to be written, and it got likes within seconds of me posting it.

I mulled those instances over and realized something that my ego couldn’t see. What is very important for us, doesn’t have to click with someone else. Everyone has a different life, and you can’t control what fits with someone else’s life and what doesn’t.

All you can do as someone who creates is to keep creating. The fact that someone likes it or not shouldn’t factor in.
The fact that you smile when you post it does.
The fact that you move on to the next project in an instant, does.
And that is all that matters. You release your work to the world, and the work finds its own way. As it should be 🙂

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