On meeting art

I went to the Van Gogh museum and knew what I would see there. Art by Vincent, one of my favourite artists, and some of his contemporaries.

And then my eyes caught something beautiful, and my heart skipped a beat. I met art.

Meeting art is always unexpected. You go to a museum expecting one thing and suddenly, your eyes meet art that captures your soul in one breath. Your heart skips a beat and for a while, all you can do is stare agape at the beauty before you.

Meeting art always changes you. You stand just there, stare at the parts your eyes attempt to drink in, and feel them take hold of your body and mind, finding new pathways to love.

I met this gorgeous artwork by Zeng Fanzhi today. I stood there and felt the whole creative process in the painting, and felt like crying. My travel companion, my mother, saw the book of Genesis in it and felt like crying.

Meeting art can never be replicated. I took a picture of the gigantic painting and knew it was just a mere whisper of what the artwork was.

Meeting art is a blessing. Always.

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