On Sacred Spaces

I have several sacred places in our house.

It is a place where I don’t have to do anything other than sit and watch. Where my eyes are naturally drawn to, and where I always stop and take a deep breath.

I always thought altars had to be specific, aligned following a specific rule.

I was wrong.

I can create an altar everywhere, with objects that are sacred to me, that represent something in me.

And that is the beauty of treasures, they always represent something more than they seem.

There is a beautiful story about this Buddha sculpture. I saw it on one of those fancy home fairs, with furniture more expensive than my house. I saw him just as I came into the large hall, and figured that if I came back, and it was still there, it was meant for me.

I came back to the stall, and it was still there, so I purchased it. The lady behind the counter said, “Ah so he was meant for you. Usually these sell fast, this one didn’t so I figured he was for someone.”

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