On Vincent van Gogh

*If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. *
Vincent van Gogh

It feels like there hasn’t been a time in my life when van Gogh wasn’t one of my favourite artists.

From the moment I first saw his work, it (and him) occupied a space in my heart.

I remember purchasing a huge book with his art as a young adult and just sitting on the floor of my room, leafing through the pages and staring at the dazzling art for hours.

I also purchased a book with his letters, which I read while looking up the images he talks about in the art book.

From the moment I “met” him, I felt so connected with him. I could see his soul in his work and in many ways it felt like a reflection of my own soul. His connection with nature, the way he describes it in his letters, it just felt so right, to me, and so close to my own emotions when out in nature. I also felt his intense loneliness, he was always the observer.

When I look at his work I don’t just see a pretty picture. I see him. I see his emotions, I see his mind, I see the way he sees the world.

Sometimes I feel intense joy when seeing his work, at other times enormous sadness. Feeling triggered like this is such a gift.

The painting above this blog post is one of the paintings by him that I love so deeply. I love the way he makes everything feel energetic and so deeply alive. I can’t stop staring at the two people walking, or the way the light dances around the star, and the way the cypress dances into the darkness. It is breathtaking.

Looking like this at his art -really seeing all of him, his joy, his pain, his connection to all— is just a beautiful thing to behold.

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