Always finding ways to be grateful

Over the past years, I have cultivated a habit of gratitude. It has become a second nature to me, I don’t need to write a list of things I am grateful for to get into that mind space. I have found that there are countless ways it helps me, »

On old journals

I don’t keep my old journals. Once the bin with my journals is full, I get itchy. Instead of joyful, my journals start to feel like an anchor, locking me in my past. I don’t toss them altogether, though. I move through them deliberately, taking out poetry to »

We remember

It is remembrance day in my country, today. It’s the day before we celebrate our liberty, the day the Netherlands was free from the oppression in the second world war. But today we remember. We remember the soldiers, the resistance fighters, the betrayed, the oppressed. We remember. We remember »

I play

![]( iPad in one hand Stylus in the other Tea forgotten on the table I play I doodle logos for the blog Draw, delete, »

The art of scribbling

I wrote a stream of consciousness poem while the moon was full on Monday. I just grabbed my journal and wrote what came up in my mind, not worrying about spelling or about the completeness of lines. Just me, the pen and the poem. I haven’t read it through »

Reading a book in French!

Last year, I started to learn French, using the Duolingo app. I started the challenge because I wanted to read one of my favorite books in its original language: Le Petit Prince. I’ve had a year of French at school, but all that knowledge was far away from my »

Why self care can be such a challenge sometimes

I have asthma and chronic pain. Most of the time I can deal with them pretty well, at other times I feel like I am in my own damn way. I want to go do something but I ache so I don’t and then get into a negative tailspin. »

Location vs sore feet

![]( feet hurt. I have walked a lot in Disneyland Paris yesterday and my feet still don’t agree that it was amazing. If »

Sylly adventures: Summer

I was 9, 10 years old and it was the start of summer. That meant I had six whole weeks of summer break from school. Looking ahead it felt like I had an endless amount of time to spend as I saw fit. It was a quiet summer day, one »

20 random thoughts about road trips

1. I love road trips! 2. Just sitting in the car and listening to music with my husband is the best thing.  3. Being a passenger is the best. You can twist yourself into a gazillion curves to take a picture while your husband drives you around.  4. Talking about »

The lesson my poem taught me

![]( wrote the poem below on Monday, in the wee hours of the morning. Moments after I posted it on Instagram I had to write this »