Playful Mind Maps!

I have been waiting to write this post all week, and now I finally get to write it I am so happy and bouncy and wheeeeeeeeeee!

I used to think mindmaps were completely boring to make and didn’t really see why I should make them, or how they could help me. Until I discovered play.

I wrote this little e-book because I felt I should share how I change my life with mind maps. I have shared two awesome methods of mind mapping that could help you transform your life.

The funny thing is, the writing process for this e-book was all play. I woke up with it one morning and that afternoon I sat with my art pad and my trusted felt pens (Faber Castel art pens) and just drew it all together. Had to type it out and make it all pretty so that people can read it, but it’s mostly all played together 😀 Love that!

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