“It’s oh so quiet. Shhhhh. Shhhhh.” – Björk

I love my early mornings. The cats are sleeping with their bellies full, satisfied with the food in their tummies.

I sit with my laptop, hearing her hummmmm, and I just write something I want to write. It comes from the quiet within me, the gentleness that is at the core. It feels like a smile.

I wish to teach this silence within. I know no other way than the smile. Could I just sit in a class room and just smile at everyone?

Sierra comes towards me, purrs out loud and calmly stomps in my stomach. She blinks at me, and gently licks my hand as it passes her mouth, on its way to scritch her fur.

The sun starts to shine in earnest, and I move my body to get up out of bed. The sound of the tap water in the sink is almost too much for my senses to bear.

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