Random thoughts on an early Sunday morning

While looking for another post to add to Buffer, I found Twenty random thoughts on an early Sunday morning.

I so loved to re-read it that I decided to make a new random thoughts post for today 🙂

  1. I am absolutely in love with seeing all the #womensmarch pictures. So proud of all standing up for equality!
  2. If I didn’t have a previous engagement I would have marched in Amsterdam, even though I am an introvert who is reluctant about crowds 🙂
  3. Some things are important enough to speak out about and important enough to rise above all fears and anxieties.
  4. I have finished the completely shitty first draft of my book this week. Printed it until my ink ran out 🙂
  5. Decluttering is such an enlightening process.
  6. My other blog’s title (Joyful Minimalism) proves apt in that regard.
  7. Can’t wait to go to the movies today.
  8. Starting my day with almond milk smoothies makes me feel energetic!
  9. I just love to take pictures. I noticed yesterday how it centers me.
  10. I am addicted to writing micro poetry. Wrote one poem a day for the past almost four months!
  11. Only 5 months until Glastonbury!!!
  12. I really really really hope my new iPhone will recover from its water damaged state.
  13. My cats are the sweetest and cutest cats in the world. Just so you know.
  14. I have already read five books this year.
  15. I love it when I frantically write blog posts in under ten minutes.
  16. I keep forgetting to surround myself with notepads, causing me to, for instance, jump out of baths and running to get to paper and pen to scribble ideas. 🙂
  17. My journal is my playground, my bullet journal my daily guide, log and doodle spot.
  18. There is so much to look forward to this year!
  19. I will definitely focus on combatting #winterdepression this year!
  20. Health is and always will be my priority.

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