Random thoughts on a late Sunday afternoon

Last week I wrote a random thoughts post, and I enjoyed that so much, that I’ve decided to write one again 🙂

  1. I believe that love will always prevail. We do have a choice however, we do have a choice how far we let hate go. We, as people, have to draw the line.
  2. Insomnia is really horrible lately. Will try late night yoga and see if that helps.
  3. Took some melatonin last night. Still loopy. But it makes for some really weird writing 😀
  4. resist

  5. Seriously in awe of all the protesters and lawyers working for free to help refugees.
  6. I am a major introvert. I believe that there is space for an introvert resistance that honors our inner self and gives us space to share our feelings and give our support!
  7. Wrote a lot yesterday and am still pondering if I should share it. Maybe I need to set an alarm when I start to ponder, and then when it goes, either delete or post. Pondering is such a waste of time, sometimes.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Federer won the Aussie open. What a match!
  9. My cat is sleeping at my feet, snoring. I wish I could sleep as well as her. And my husband.
  10. Happy year of the Rooster! It’s gonna be LOUD!

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