Rule of Three blogfest – part 4 – Anraoi

Part 1 – Roan
Part 2 – Anraoi
Part 3 – Aislinn

Prompt used: there is a new arrival in town
Word count: 436

Cleona only confirmed what the cold hand gripping my heart already knew. My brother had passed the veil into Morrigan’s arms. I couldn’t even cry, the cold froze the tears before they could be shed.
Footsteps raced up the stairs, a bowl shattered on the floor, splashing warm broth over my brother’s body. I looked up at Aislinn as if she were a ghost.
She cried, her hand caressing Roibéard’s face, stroking the hair away from his eyes before closing them. Cleona gave her two silver coins. Her hand trembled as she held them. Then she placed them on his eyes. She began to speak, but her words didn’t register.
Then I noticed her mouth kept shaping a word or was it a name..? She pointed down the stairs. I stood up, grabbed her lantern and stumbled down the stairs to the kitchen. The fire still roared, casting its light and shadows on our empty storage. I fell on my knees and cried out my despair like a child cries for its mother.
I knew what she had told me. Roan. It was Roan. He killed my brother and stole the last of our food in thanks for our hospitality. Bringer of doom, indeed. I hoped the Espadon would be merciless to him in his journey back to the hell he came from.
I stared at the cauldron filled with the last food in our house, and stood up to fill a bowl with the broth. With no food left I knew we would soon join my brother in Morrigan’s realm. So would all of Renaissance soon after.
Someone knocked the kitchen door. Would Roan be back for the broth too?
I opened the door, the bowl of broth still in my hand. In front of me stood a tall, slender man, his long blonde locks draped around his smiling face.
I gave him the broth. How could I not? He looked so hungry. The man ate it smiling and gave the bowl back. He drew a circle with his hand, waved and then disappeared into the darkness again.
I closed the door and stared at the empty bowl. Then I turned around to walk out of the kitchen. Something caught my eye. I stopped in my tracks and stared. The storage. It was filled to the brim with sacks of flour, meat, vegetables.
I heard a loud clattering coming from upstairs. I ran to the stairs and stared up at my brother. He smiled at me and held out his hand. I raised the lantern to see what he held. Two silver coins. I laughed.

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