Slay negative thoughts

I have lived under the constant barrage of negative thoughts about myself. They have, in fact, kept me from living my dreams for so long, that it has become part of me.
On my self-love journey I have found that, no matter what, I need to slay those negative thoughts.
And the thing that helps is reading a list I have made: things I love about myself. It’s a list that lives in my lists in my planner, and I read it a lot, and update it with new things about me when I think of them.
One of the negative thoughts that keep coming back is, for instance, that I am not worthy of anything. When I think that, I grab my list and look at all the things I like about myself. It sounds silly but it helps.
What also helps is writing my daily gratitude lists.
Staying in gratitude and taking the time to write a list of things I am grateful for every day (in my journal) is one of the most healing things I have ever done for myself.
It is another act of self-love that makes me smile each day.
What is yours?

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