Snippet from Playful Creativity

Next week I will publish the first of 6 or 7 e-books in the series Playful Creativity. This is a snippet from the first chapter.

As we grow up we get infected with the thought that we are imperfect. There is nothing more destructive than that. The thought we are imperfect leads to thoughts we are to fear those we deem perfect. That leads us to jealousy and anger and all the other icky emotions and fears.

We also learn that the idea of being perfect is the sheer definition of arrogance and pure ego. Being perfect means something completely different though.

Being perfect means that you know in your heart that you need to grow in this life. Being perfect means you know you are gorgeous and infinite always. Being perfect means you know in your heart of hearts that you are guided to live a life that is perfect for your soul, you are learning the perfect lessons for life, and that everything that happens is a sign of this perfection, even people saying you are flawed. Being perfect means you rise above the ego and shine brighter than the sun. Your inner two year old is a perfect guide in that because she knows your soul and knows what you need.

Your inner two year old is perfect. She sees and knows things that you have longed for all your life, without realizing. She knows the way nature works, she moves with the seasons and with the infinite wisdom that she is guided by something inside of her that is infinite in its nature.

Your inner two year old knows that when she gets the impulse to create, she gets out her crayons and paper and creates something she knows is perfect. She goes in nature and gathers a bag full of things that she likes and then she puts them on display, even though her mom says it is junk.

She also knows she doesn’t likeBrusselssprouts. That is perfectly fine. You are in a position now, to choose not to likeBrusselssprouts either. Just for her sake 🙂

She doesn’t judge you or your work.

She is the one who wakes you in the middle of the night with an insane idea that you have to work on. Preferably right away.

She is the one that keeps you drawing even though someone told you that your art sucks.

She is the one that gets you to buy a lump of clay, saying it will be perfect to get your hands in it.

She is the one that gets me to write this introduction in the wee hours of the morning.

This is playful creativity. This is what perfection is.

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