Sometimes there’s just blah!

These past months I had my daily blog posts mostly pre-scheduled, I had one or two major writing days in the week, and most of the time I was 2 or 3 posts ahead at least.

Not this week. This week was so hard, writing wise. I even whined at myself that it was time to stop posting daily blogs. Especially today. I was tired as sleep eluded me these past few days, and I was cranky as a result.

I have slept most of my day and now I am here, in the early evening, typing up this blog post.


Because I love to post daily, even when I feel like crap. Even when I don’t feel like it.

Even when there’s only blah. I guess I have learned to write through or around my crankiness and other emotions.

I might even say that I have fully embraced being a writer, no matter what.
How’s that for personal growth?

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