Start with Story Love!

December is Gratitude Month on my blog! I incorporate aspects of Gratitude in my Play with your Writing posts too 🙂 Gratitude is ALL about expressing love, and this week you get to love a central aspect of writing: your story!

The other day I was completely stuck in my fiction writing. I hated my main character with a passion (though he was a complete whiney ) and didn’t know where I had to go with the story.

In the past, I would have stuck in that feeling and dumped it. A tell-tale sign is the stack of stories stuck in my “in progress” folder.

Now I just went back to why I wanted to write my story in the first place.I kept writing it because I reminded myself that the character had every reason to whine. I also realized what he did wasn’t whining at all. Today it’s almost finished.


Writing is all about Story Love

Grab a piece of paper and write down why you love your idea, why you want to write it, and what you know you will gain from it.

You fill it out before you start writing your story when your idea is fresh in your head and you are completely in love with it. Then when you are stuck with writing, you can just go back to your reasons why, and get inspired to write more.

I believe that this is a part of writing that goes deeper than composing a plot. It is all about gratitude for getting the idea in the first place, and about filling your idea with insane amounts of love that make you take it from start to finish!

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