Tea and other adventures

Last Saturday we went to the Hague, the town where I was born and where my grandparents on both sides lived during most of my childhood.

My husband and I had several things planned there. As it was a lovely spring like day, it was a joy just to wander around, taking pictures and chatting about the city.

Then we came upon a gorgeous hotel. I told my husband that when I was a little girl we used to walk by there quite often. I used to imagine that hotel was so gorgeous and fancy, that only Kings and Queens came there.

My husband grinned. “wanna go in there and have tea?”

I shook my head, suddenly awfully intimidated. He asked again, and then when my childhood fear of not being good enough to go in there showed up, he dragged me in.

It was amazing. The restaurant was beautiful, high ceilinged room decorated in gold and red. The tea was served beautifully, on a tray with an hour glass, a porcelain tea cup and a silver tea pot. The pie was delicious, my first pavlova in ages 🙂

The napkin was made of soft woven cotton. The tea pot had a paper sleeve on the handle so my fingers wouldn’t get burned.

When I coughed, two seconds later a glass of water appeared out of nowhere. When we were done, the trays got cleared away immediately.

The marble bathroom had individual towels, all stacked in a wooden rack.

I was right as a child. This place is for Kings and Queens. I felt
like a Queen. With a smile from ear to ear I walked out.

It is awesome that in a world of paper napkins and plastic tea cups, places like this still exist. And I will go back there one day to stay the night.

It’s a place for Queens, and my inner child now is convinced I am one 🙂

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