The 2019 Goodreads challenge

It’s creative project day, and reading definitely is one of them.

I always feel that the better of a reader I am, the better that makes me as a writer.

Reading in the morning is one of the new practices I am cultivating, grabbing my kindle instead of my iPad or phone, and reading for at least an hour.

This year my intention is to read 100 books again, and I’m already behind 😂

I’m not too worried about that. I was REALLY behind mid-2018, and ended the year with 103 books read.

I will probably read many genres, both fiction and non-fiction.

A side-goal is to finally finish reading Marcus Aurelius’ meditations, a book I love so much that I always stop reading after a few lines to ponder it.

I will post about my challenge in half a year or so, and share some of my favourite reads of the year.

I would love it if you leave a comment!