The healing stage

I have the flu right now. I am not very experienced with having the flu, I usually get bronchitis around this time of year 🙂

And I have to tell you, having the flu sucks. It makes me SO shaky and weak. My mind wants to do a ton of things, my body? Not so much.

I have an endless to do list run through my head and there’s nothing I can do because you need to be able to stand on your feet to do stuff.

So frustrating!

So, I have allowed myself to write this whiny post, and now I am going to rest in my healing again, because I know one thing for sure:

If you want to heal fast, you need to rest, and give your body time to get rid of the darn virus.

Thank goodness writing blog posts doesn’t require me to stand on my feet, or creating my art, or writing in my journal.

I am so lucky that I get to rest up and do all the stuff I love to do.

Can someone tell my mind that? ?

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