The list of five

My husband and I are currently watching Dollhouse again, the excellent, sadly short lived, TV series by Joss Whedon.

In it people volunteer to return to a doll state, people who are brought back to a basic, emotionless state, without memories of their former self, and then are imprinted with new personalities.

The doll state got me thinking.

What if I’d bring me to a doll state, a child-like self in a body that lives and breathes and has all the opportunities of life ahead of her. What would my imprint be? What would define (the new) me?

  1. I would love. Love my planet, the beings that walk it, the rivers, the mountains, the cities, the gardens, everything.
  2. I would be insanely playful and creative. Every day I would sit and write, paint, play, muse, share art with the world. Be art.
  3. I would be healthy. My body would be free of the pains that lived in there for 23 years, and I would feed it with all sorts of insanely healthy foods.
  4. I would be a free, joyful spirit. I wouldn’t care much about where I lived, as long as I had my loved ones with me, either physical or via the internet.
  5. I would be a geek, getting majorly excited with the the latest technology, the latest games, the latet inventions. I would joyfully use all the technology in my life, gleefully typing away, creating a story or talking with friends.

This list fills me with joy, it makes me realize that with some I am damn close, with others I am not so much. But I don’t care 🙂 Life is growth, and if I can grow into Sylvia 2.0 I know I will be the happiest Sylvia that ever lived 🙂

I also love how many playful elements there are in my list. I don’t mention my inner two year old, but she is there in every word. I think that is the most beautiful of all. The way that I can just be all I am.

What do you choose for yourself? What is your list of five?

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