The nature of thoughts

Have you ever been hit by a swarm of gnats on a warm summers day?

If you have, you know they buzz around your head in great numbers, and all you can think of is:  I need get away from them as soon as humanly possible!

You are bombarded like this every day. Every moment of every day, you are hit by a swarm. It’s not gnats, though. It’s thoughts.

Every negative thing you think of yourself, every moment where you blush thinking back to something stupid you have done in the past, every fear for something that might happen to you in the future, it’s not you thinking it. It’s the swarm.

The swarm isn’t personal. It just is. It just exists to swarm. You can either stand in it and let it hit you over the head, or you can step out and just be you. Quiet, basking in sunlight.

Just imagine what you can create without the swarm interfearing in your work.

Let the swarm go. Create! Make the world better with your creations. Let the thoughts be thoughts and just leap forward creatively. Every day.

And smile.
Nothing chases thoughts away better than that smile.

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