The only way is up!

There is this song that goes something like this: the only way is up, baby! 
It is a fun vision, that. I bought into it. Had a corporate job, earned loads of money and lost it all when I fell Ill. Badly. 
I thought I had lost my way. I know better now. 
Last Sunday “The only way is up” played in my mind as I lay in bed with tremendous pain from a whole series of bruises and figured that I wouldn’t be able to work on my big plans for a long time. 
I let sadness grab me by the throat and I cried out pain and frustration. 
Later that day I banged my head on the metal frame of the bed in a clumsy attempt to lay down and laughed at my “up delusion”. I vowed to stay true to myself and that was that. 
Today i realized that there is so much strength in me that I can deal with this. Deal with the pain and the frustration and the emotions and make them work for me. 
I haven’t created as much in a few days as I have done these last couple of days. Art, poems, short stories, ideas for articles, rules, definitions. I even submitted two stories today. Wrote both shortly before submitting. 
I guess it’s safe to say that the meaning of, “the only way is up” changed for me. It’s an inner process. As long as I do something true to myself and/or something working towards fulfilling my dreams, no matter how I feel, the way is up. 
Taking care of myself is up.
Doodling an elephant is up.
Even sitting and smiling as I hear some birds sing their welcome to spring is up. 
It is up because all I do is true to me. 
To my own Self I am true. 
Simple as that.

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