Three simple steps to daily blogging

At the start of my blogging life, I struggled to write posts. I polished ideas until there was nothing left of them, and I have whole folders filled with ideas that never made it into a post.

Not anymore!

What has changed? I invite them in by following my three steps. If I take these steps, I know I can write multiple posts in one day.

Step 1. Find my power time
Ideas for new posts most easily come to me in the early mornings, just after waking up, or when I am taking a bath in the evening.
Ideas don’t always come neatly packaged.
Some days I wake up with this thought: I am going to write something, later on, I can feel it’s coming. I go out and play then. I play a game, I doodle. Sometimes I use social media for that, the un-mind-sucking way (will write more on that in a later post). Then when I know it is ready, I just sit down and write it down. Most of my blog posts are rough-drafted in about ten minutes. If it takes longer, it’s a sign my brain is mucking up my idea and I am not ready to write it. I then go back to playing until I am able to write it free from my mind meddlings.

What is your power time? When do words come easier for you?

Step 2. Kick fear to the curb
I have kept myself from writing so many words because I was afraid of what others would think. No more. I just write what is in my heart, not the fear-filled diluted posts.

Step 3. Decluttering my mind
Fears, emotions, stray thoughts, I am starting to become a mind-decluttering ninja (oooooh I think I have a tag-line here!). Push thoughts aside, and just open your mind for juicy inspiration. You can do it!!!

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