To my fellow crones

A letter of love to my fellow crones (and those who are on the path towards cronedom) for International Women’s Day 2013 and beyond.

Dear heart,

You probably wonder why I am writing you this letter.

I do because the world needs you. You may not be aware of this, and, like me, have heard messages throughout your life, that women are worthy of less than men are and that you are worthy of even less as you get older and your skin starts to show lines.

Because of this message, many women try to hide the fact that they are aging by the scalpel of the surgeon or the needle filled with something so toxic that it turns their muscles rigid.

I think it is time we ourselves come to realize that despite our wrinkles we have great value, and have the right to claim our place.

Instead of being shadows, who move on the streets unseen, we need to step into the spotlight. In-stead of thinking we are worthy of less than others, we need to know we are worthy of all that is in our lives and all that waits for us to come once we allow it.

The world needs us, my sisters.

Not just because we are women, but because we are women with wisdom. Our inner wisdom is multiplied by the lines on our faces. They are our badge of honor.

My spirit animal is the Elephant. Do you know who the most important members of an elephant family is? The matriarch. She is an elder female who takes the young under her guidance. It is my belief that in ancient times, this was the same for human tribes.

The world needs us, my sisters.

The world needs us to become visible because we need to guide it towards love.

It is time for us to stop believing we have lost our worth because we are women who have grown old. Age is just a number. Within, the only difference that separates from the day we were born, is the wisdom we have gathered. It is time for us to realize our worth and see how much we can share with our communities and society in general.

And if you wonder, why would the world need me? Why would the world need my voice?

We need to be the voice of reason. We need to be balance. We need to be love.

We need to balance out the politicians, who care more about their own well being and their own pockets, than to care about the citizens of our countries. We need to balance out the people who think that women should not have any rights over their reproductive systems. We need to balance out the world we have helped shape with all the love and the inner wisdom we possess.

The world needs our love, my sisters.

Take the leap, share your wisdom and your love however and wherever you can. And do this fearlessly.

Be a Goddess in your own world. Heal her. Make her whole. Let her shine.

Love, all ways,


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