Twenty random thoughts on an early Sunday morning

  1. It is very early. For an insomniac, it’s a common thing to be awake at this early, though.
  2. Our cat is snoring out loud, curled up on the bench at the foot of the bed. We never use it, the cat does. As a side note: husband snores next to me. The fact that I can get any word in between them snoring is something that I am very proud of takes a bow after the thunderous applause
  3. Every year after the A to Z challenge, my blog falls by the wayside. Writing 26 blog posts in a short time kills the will to write twice weekly.
  4. I want to write three blogs a week, ideally, two of them themed, one random. That is my ideal thing. Have I ever managed that? Maybe one week. It was a good week though.
  5. I need to get out of my head and into writing my novel again. Darnit.
  6. I am a master procrastinator. Think that is also the reason why #5 is moving so slowly.
  7. 5 also moves slowly because I have changed my whole plot idea half way through the novel. The first part feels so disconnected that I have a hard time connecting the dots.

  8. I set out to write twenty random thoughts, in a way to empty my head and create space for writing a novel. I guess that now my brain is going: ha! Good luck making it to twenty, sucker!
  9. I have to go into Luddite mode tomorrow, no technology allowed for a sleep study I am going to do in Amsterdam. I wonder how long it will take before I climb the walls.
  10. I love technology. Going without is going to be so weird. I will probably hug my iPhone when I leave the hospital.
  11. Funnily (love this word!) enough, the reason why I might have insomnia is my love for technology. Go figure.
  12. I absolutely love the Fitz and the Fool series by Robin Hobb. Just started the second book.
  13. I have this rule that I cannot read the genre I am writing in when I am writing a book. I tell myself that I can because my book is mostly SciFi. But also very much Fantasy. I love to mix genres like that 🙂
  14. I love to journal, I love the tactile feel of a fountain pen to paper. But if I want to be able to read what I write in a passionate rush of pen to paper, I need to type it. Even I can’t read my scribblings then. But it makes for some perfect secret journaling.
  15. I always carry a pencil case filled with goodies with me, along with a journal. I don’t always use everything in the pencil case when I am out and about, but if I don’t have it with me, I need something from it.
  16. I need to start a Fountainpenaholics anonymous group. I am addicted to fountain pens. Good thing the most expensive pen I have ever bought was 20 euro. If I had an expensive fountain pen addiction, we would be flat broke. Then again, I have never written with an expensive fountain pen. Can’t imagine it writes better than my TWSBI Eco. Every time I write with that pen, fireworks go off in my brain and angel choirs start singing heavenly tunes.
  17. Every time my blog is starting to look the way I wanted it to look when I started out my mad blogging, my brain goes: what if I do this and this to it? Stupid brain, never satisfied. This time I am persisting, darnit. I don’t want to install WordPress again and then a theme that I really like and then shouting at it because WordPress is so horrible. I like simplicity. WordPress is NOT simplicity.
  18. I write most of my blog posts in Byword, have a whole folder of half-eaten written blog posts that I can finish at any time and publish to Blogger. Also a document with random ideas that come to me in the middle of the night.
  19. The reason why I didn’t open any of those documents over the last month or so is threefold: tired of blogging, tired of thinking of new ideas to post and having the flu.
  20. Half an hour or so after starting this list it is finished. Both my husband and my cat are still snoring. I need to start my day in earnest. First things first: filling my stomach with gorgeous food!

Bonus thought: I loved to write this, might become a tradition. Let’s see how long I maintain it like stated in #4

Keep playing!

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