We remember

It is remembrance day in my country, today.

It’s the day before we celebrate our liberty, the day the Netherlands was free from the oppression in the second world war.

But today we remember. We remember the soldiers, the resistance fighters, the betrayed, the oppressed.

We remember.

We remember the war, we hear the stories of the immeasurable suffering. We hear stories of heroes.

I remember.

I remember my father. His story sings in me today, of the immense hunger, of his fear, but also of the silly boy’s games played in the middle of the war.

I remember.

I remember my grandmother. Her stories of how her neighbours hid people in their homes and on how the whole neighbourhood spared food from their own mouths to feed them.

We all remember the stories told to us over the years.

Today, we tell them again.

So that it may never happen again.

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