What having zero energy taught me

The short story of how I got to having no energy to speak of: I hadn’t realised my asthma medicine ran out until I got a really bad attack. The days after the attack I had no energy to speak of, even walking to the bathroom felt like an ordeal. It was a fantastic lesson though. This is what I (re-)learned:

  1. Social networking costs me a lot of energy, even if I am talking with people who I love to be with. I stopped visiting my profiles for a while and have decided to from now on just set timers when I go to Facebook and Twitter. Spreading the energy is good.
  2. Good food nourishes my body. I start my days with fruit shakes, and noticed I had a little more energy after that. I have also eaten bad foods. They did nothing for my body, just drained more energy.
  3. Breath is life. The moment my breathing went back to normal, I noticed my energy levels returning. I now take moments in each day to breathe consciously, to notice the energy soar into my body. It is such a celebration to take a deep, long, cleansing breath all the way to your stomach.
  4. I can still do what I am here to do if I rest well, and if I pace myself. Over the past weekend I wrote. I played. I talked a bit with friends. I worked on my website. I could do that because I slept, I curled up with a book and locked the world out.
  5. I am valuable. Funny, that lesson. My whole life I thought I had no worth, and I had to have a body with hardly any energy to realize that I am.

There were probably other lessons too, but these were the most important ones. I realize I have my own unique journey and not all the lessons I listed go for everyone.

I really encourage you to write a list like this when you feel at your lowest. That is where the biggest lessons about ourselves are hidden.

And that is the hidden blessing in feeling unwell.

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