What I am reading at the moment

I always read multiple books at the same time, and can effortlessly switch between them.

At the moment I am reading these books

  • Dollhouse epitaphs (comics series, currently at book 4)
  • the Azalea Assault byAlyse Carlson(one of the books I won at the Crazy Cozy Blogfest)
  • The Miracle Workers handbook by Sherrie Dillard
  • Writing down the bones (re-read) by Natalie Goldberg

I am also reading a course in miracles. That is a long-term project.

I have my own library, and my bookshelves contain a very eclectic choice of books. From cozy mystery to quantum physics, from romance to spirituality and everything in between 🙂

I put everything I read over on Goodreads, usually forget it so then I add books all at once :)I will get to scanning in the rest of my library into Goodreads one of these days 🙂

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