What is your fear stage?

Your writing related fears root in your childhood, and that takes a whole different shape when it comes to writing.

You know you are hitting on fear when you start procrastinating or postponing a stage of writing. Here is a list of stages. Over the next couple of weeks, I will explore each stage a little further.

Writing the first draft

  • Do you fear to go on with the next chapter?
  • Does your writing feel stale, passionless?
  • Do you feel unsure about where to go next?


  • Do you feel like your writing sucks?
  • Do you think that no one will like this?
  • Do you feel like your characters suck and the scrap heap is the best for your story?


  • Do you keep tinkering with your words?
  • Do you leave a story sleeping for yet another couple of months so you can take distance from it?
  • Do you keep dragging aspects of the story in and out because that makes it better? And then end up with basically the same story?


  • Do you fear the editors?
  • Do you hate to let go of your story?
  • Do you feel you are worthy of the market you are submitting to?


  • Do you dump the story immediately when it is rejected?
  • Do you think you are worthy of the sale?
  • Do you fear the reader’s comments?

Self promotion

  • Do you fear to put your book out there, because people might consider it spam?
  • Do you fear you won’t be able to defend your book to people?
  • Do you feel your book won’t be sold much, so you can stop promoting it?

For me, the fear stage is submitting. If I keep saying I still work on it, I won’t be able to be punished for not submitting it and I won’t get rejected. It’s something I only am aware of now I wrote this (which also proves my point that sometimes you write a blog post for yourself) 🙂

What is your big fear stage? Where do you let fear win?

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