What my protagonist taught me

A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does.
Dan Millman

This is a story about Gwendolyn, the main character in the novel I am working on right now.
I have to admit that the writing of this novel hasn’t gone smoothly, not by a long shot. At one point I was so stuck that I shelved the novel.
But, I am writing again and that is all that matters. When I picked up the book again I realized why I had stopped writing: I had a major disconnect from my main character.
She is awesome, but she also felt very different from me. To begin writing her book again meant that I had to reconcile that fact.
And that is when she became my teacher. She taught me that the aspects of her (like her warrior mentality) that are so alien are actually deeply buried within myself.
To do her justice as a writer, all I need is to do justice to me. I will never climb barricades like she does, but oh boy, I can write her doing that.
Every time I start a new writing project, I learn something new, but not many have taught me this much about myself.

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