Why baths are so damn inspiring

In this post about daily blogging I wrote that I get ideas for blog posts in baths.

Now, to illustrate that fact, a little tale of bathing eureka moments.

First, I was reading a poetry book. I thought about how I loved the poems and how I would never be as good as the poet who wrote it (the incomparable Mary Oliver) and that inspired a blog idea that I repeated to myself so I could write it down later.

Then another thought flashed through my head, a memory that begged me to write about it.

Then, flash bang, another idea jumped in and I knew I couldn’t keep the three blog ideas in my head all at the same time.

So, I jumped out of the bath, wrapped my body up in a towel after a quick dry, and then ran to the bedroom to scribble the ideas down on the notepad that rests comfortably on the night stand. Then, I had the idea for this blog post. Scribbled it down too 🙂

So, four of the blogs you see here this week were born when I read a poetry book while taking a bath.

I think that ideas come while bathing because I am able to relax my mind as I float along, reading a book I love.

I now will go and hit publish on this post, and then I’ll put a notepad by the side of my bath 🙂

Or, most likely, I will have another eureka moment later today and then curse at myself for forgetting to put down a notepad again.

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