It is a cold winter’s day. A little girl sits on the window sill and stares out at the world she doesn’t know yet. White specks fall out of the sky, mom called those snow, and on the window her breath turns white. She can draw in that white! She watches the snow fall to the earth with a big gleeful smile, her nose pressed against the window. She decides that the snow is covering the earth with happiness.

Her mom calls her to go out, she bounces up and down, causing her mom to snap at her, but she doesn’t care, she HAS to go out and experience that thing called snow. Her mom dresses her up in so many layers of clothes she wonders if she can walk.

As the door flies open she sneakily pulls off her glove, and the moment she stands in the snow she puts her hand in. And even though it is cold, cold as ice cream, she can’t stop laughing.

When was the last time you stared out at the world as if you saw it for the first time?
When was the last time you just couldn’t stop smiling with glee and excitement because something new and totally magical entered your life?

The next time you look out of the window, look at the world with wonder. Just stare in amazement at the trees moving in the wind, a bird soaring through the sky, clouds drifting by. Just look at your world with wonder and smile.

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