Sometimes my words escape me. They hide in the depth of my brain and no matter how hard I try, I am at a loss.

That is where I am at with my novel right now.

I could do the thing I used to do (hiding my book in the deepest, furthest drawer of my mind and writing a shiny new idea that is pushing itself to the front of my mind screaming, “Pick me! Write me! I am so much better than the other one!”

I call those ideas baubles, and those baubles are the reason why I haven’t finished several novel ideas.

Baubles are like the whitest, fluffiest of breads. They look so delicious, and you can’t wait to eat them, and then, moments later, you are hungry and feel like you need more food.

Baubles are a distraction. And in case you aren’t a writer, you must have baubles in your work. The shiny new things that distract you from what really happens.

What you need to do is create space for the words to find you again. For the words to sneak back and find their way to your fingers again.

And I do that by doing something completely different.

Like making art, or doing my yoga.

And sometimes someone else’s words are what takes me back to my book, like my husband did for me today.

Whatever happens, don’t abandon the words. And don’t fall for the baubles.

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