You are beautiful

I have watched the Oscars again last night. It is the one night I am reminded the strongest about how media surrounds us with lies. The lie is that there is only one kind of beauty. A beauty shaped by “good genes”, skin stretched over bones, the fading kind of beauty that only stays with rigorous plastic surgery and injections.

I have judged myself based on what the “standard” to beauty is, just like gossip reporters judge someone for their looks and their bad choice of clothing. I know you have judged yourself in the same fashion. Everybody does.

The “standard” of beauty makes us judges too. The media loves us as judges, we consume their shit as we buy their magazines, watch their programs and judge along with them.

It’s time for true beauty to shine. The kind of beauty that isn’t in stylists, makeup, skin and bones. It is the kind of beauty that radiates in a smile, the kind of beauty in soft-spoken words. The kind of beauty that love sees.

Look at yourself with the eyes of love. Stop judging yourself for not being “standard”, for not fitting in. You are worthy. You are beautiful.

Today, vow to see beauty in everyone. Smile at everyone you meet and see the light reflected in their eyes. See how beautiful they are, within and without. Let your love change the world.

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