Your wound isn’t everything

This post was born in the bathtub, as a lot of my posts are. I was thinking about my foot and how it has influenced most of my last year. I thought of all the things I haven’t done as a result.

And then a thought dropped into my head that went something like this:

“Don’t make your pain everything. It’s just a small part of you. You are many colours, not just the fire-red of the pain.”

I mulled this over a lot ever since, and I know one thing: it is true!

When I only look at life through the fire-red that is my pain, I don’t see that I can still sit down and write my words. I don’t see that I can fill out my sketchbook with weird and wonderful doodles. I don’t see the fun I can have when I go thrifting with my husband, or to the cinema.

Of course I don’t over-do. That’s what got me in the mess I am in now in the first place. But I can listen to my body and do what feels right.

And I can keep writing, because a sore foot doesn’t change a single bit in that!

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